Willa Air, the new influencer airline, is heading to Coachella

If your TikToks have gone viral or you’re somewhat Instagram famous, you might want to try catching a flight on a new airline just for online content creators.

Willa, an online payment company that caters to social media creators, has just launched an airline called Willa Air – and its first trip will take 12 lucky influencers to this month’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on a exclusive and free flight.

In addition to free travel, the airline’s luxury offerings include a pre-flight Champagne bar and post-festival weekend detox with IV drips, massages and a juice bar at the Venice Beach Lounge. of the company in Los Angeles, according to its website.

The flight lasts less than an hour, during which time influencers will have champagne, drinks and dessert – not to mention plenty of opportunities to collaborate with their fellow content creators.

A promotional photo from Willa Air showing what passengers can expect on the new airline exclusively for creators and influencers.

Source: Willa Air

Launched in 2019, Willa’s payment platform aims to help freelancers, especially content creators, quickly request and receive payments from brands, sponsors and other collaborators. The company said in 2021 it had raised $21 million in venture capital funding and had a waiting list of over 150,000 freelancers.

“We launched Willa Air to provide ultra-fast, convenient travel for content creators traveling to events across the United States,” Aron Levin, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Willa, said in a statement. Press. “Willa was founded with a mission to help creators, and fast, smooth travel is one of the many ways we support our audience.”

While Willa Air’s first flight will take just 12 passengers to Coachella, the company said it is also planning future trips, including one to New York Fashion Week events in September.

Willa Air is accepting applications for the free Coachella flight from content creators who are 18 years of age or older and can depart from Los Angeles, California on April 15. You have until April 8 to apply, and the company will notify you by April 11 if you are chosen.

Anyone can apply – there is no minimum number of social media followers required to be one of the chosen creators who fly for free. But, the company admits that it will show a preference for applicants who are already users of Willa’s payment services platform. In fact, the more payment requests you send through Willa before April 8, the better your chances of getting a ticket to Coachella, according to Willa’s website.

Willa’s website also clearly states that being chosen for the free flight does not pay for your ticket to Coachella. A three-day pass to this year’s festival currently starts at $549, before taxes and fees, for general admission.

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