UFC News – Dana White has an interesting theory on why fighters don’t tell people how much they’re really making


UFC President Dana White says media attention around the issue of how much fighters are paid in promotion arises because no one knows exactly how much fighters are paid. According to White, everyone wants to know how much UFC fighters get paid for fights and the fact that they don’t “drive them crazy.”

In a recent appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, Dana White shared an interesting theory about why fighters don’t tell people how much they’re really making. White revealed that although the UFC does not disclose fighters’ salaries, fighters are allowed to let people know how much they earn for each fight.

However, they choose not to, because if their salaries were made public everyone would start “hitting” them, asking them for money, White said. The UFC supremo also alluded to the fact that the promotion pays fighters adequately. He went on to say that the fighters are comfortable with the seemingly bogus narrative that they are not being paid enough that people are not trying to borrow money from them.

“The problem is, we don’t tell anyone what we pay everyone. That’s what drives everyone crazy. It drives them crazy. They want to know so badly. Now the fighters can tell people what they want. ‘They do. Notice they don’t? None of them came out and said, “I’m not making money. I only won so much money for this fight. Nobody goes out, they don’t want anyone to know what they are doing for the fight … This is not a ploy to make more money. When your numbers come out, it’s a sh * tshow. Everyone’s asking you for money. Now all these guys think they’re not getting paid, they’re not getting money from it so no one is trying to borrow money from you, ”Dana White said.

Watch Dana White’s full interview below:

Dana White Says UFC Preliminary Card Fighter Was Paid Far More Than Former Boxing World Champion

On the same podcast, Dana White revealed that the UFC paid a fighter $ 750,000 for participating in the recently concluded UFC 268 preliminary pay-per-view card. To put it in context, White cited the example of former world champion boxer Badou Jack who only won $ 75,000 to fight this weekend.

@jedigoodman All this comment from @danawhite is basically saying that I think all MMA fans are stupid as shit and I will say the dumbest commentary ever because you are going to believe it. If he thinks 750k is the norm for average preliminary fighters, research the wages of fighters, that’s public information. He’s a liar

You know this kid [Badou] Jack, former world champion. He’s fighting this weekend in the Middle East, and he’s making $ 75,000, okay? A guy who’s in the preliminaries, who’s never been a world champion, and I won’t mention his name, wins $ 750,000,“said Blanc.

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