Three central Minnesota cities share millions in funding for water projects

(KNSI) – Three cities in central Minnesota are among 26 cities in the state that will share $180 million in funding awarded in the second half of 2021 to improve water service and protect waterways.

The money came from Clean Water Revolving Fund Loans, which are issued in cooperation with the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to provide below-market-rate loans to fund wastewater treatment projects. . Financing is also provided through Drinking Water Revolving Fund loans that offer below-market loans to improve public water systems.

The Town of Melrose received $6,377,000 for upgrades to the sewage treatment facility. Funding for this project comes from a CWRF loan of $2,096,321, a CWRF capital remission grant of $780,679 and a special statutory appropriation of $3.5 million. In addition to the PFA funding, the city contributed $4,464,735 from its own funds.

The Town of Eden Valley received $3,211,312 for two sanitary sewer and water main replacement projects in two parts of the town. The sanitary sewer work is being financed by a loan of $1,925,380 from the FCRF. Funding for the waterworks came from a DWRF loan of $1,285,832.

Royalton received $2,211,776 to replace an aging water main, hydrants and valves. A press release from the MPFA says $1,311,776 of that cost came from a DWRF loan. Another project will be to build a storm sewer collection system and sedimentation pond in conjunction with the reconstruction of Highway 10. This money will come from a special statutory appropriation of $900,000 and a local debt issuance of $900,000. $825,000.

Also in 2021, Cold Spring, St. Cloud and Clearwater received more than $12 million for water infrastructure improvements.


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