Tamil Nadu Police launch attrition operation after policeman suicide

Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu launched ‘Operation Kandhuvatti’ against the practice of usury after a police officer committed suicide due to harassment from a pawnbroker.

After the death of a gendarme by suicide, the DGP of Tamil Nadu launches “Operation Kandhuvatti” against attrition. (Photo: India Today)

Tamil Nadu Chief Police Officer Sylendra Babu has issued a memorandum to all Commissioners and Superintendents of Police regarding the launch of ‘Operation Kandhuvatti’ (Operation Usury) following the death of the police officer. police Selvakumar, who allegedly committed suicide after being harassed by a loan shark. .

The memorandum states that in order to reduce the threat of “Kandhuvatti” (usury), all commissioners and SPs are tasked with handling all pending complaints in all police stations against people who collect interest at exorbitant rates.

Officials were instructed to take legal advice, register a case and search the premises of these lenders and seize all offending documents, including empty pro-notes, signed or blank checks and other supporting documents/valuable titles and follow up thoroughly. to ensure the success of the prosecution in this matter.


Selvakumar, a police officer from Bhuvanagiri, had borrowed Rs 5 lakh from Anitha in 2020.

Even after paying the full amount with interest, Anitha reportedly did not return the loan agreement pro note stating that there was still a balance of interest to be paid.

Anitha allegedly converted the loan amount Selvakumar borrowed into Rs 12 lakh and started threatening him saying that he would lose his job if he was unable to repay the remaining amount.

A depressed Selvakumar had decided to approach Cuddalore Police Station to file a complaint on June 1, but collapsed and fell on the way. He was taken to JIPMER for treatment where doctors discovered he had consumed poison earlier.

Selvakumar died on Tuesday and his father then filed a complaint with Cuddalore Police against Anitha, who was later arrested.

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