Special fundraiser for a West Hartford elementary school

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – A special fundraiser was held to help raise money for a unique school in Hartford County.

St. Thomas Apostle School is an 85-year-old Catholic elementary school.

“It’s very modern and it’s not your traditional Catholic upbringing like you think. I think we like to keep it as a hidden gem,” says school principal Natalie Hubert.

And while the majority of their students come from West Hartford, they also serve children in other nearby towns.

“Bloomfield, Hartford, Farmington, Avon, Simsbury”

Their K-5 campus is also connected to St. Timothy’s College across town, and Hubert adds “we’re also the only Catholic college in the Archdiocese.”

But because these schools are private, they receive no state or federal funding.

“It’s really just funded by tuition fees and parental donations, so we’re very lucky to have such a generous community.”

Generous is an understatement. Eleven days ago, St. Thomas held a ‘Walk-a-thon’ during the school day.

“It was a 2 hour event in the morning. It kicked off with a prayer led by our priest, and our little cheerleaders doing their little cheers, one of our teachers is also a DJ so we had some music. The children were able to stop and have snacks at different stations and they basically took turns around the school and the church with their classes,” says Hubert.

About 185 students participated in the event organized by the school’s HSA, which is also the PTA.

Not only was there walking, but there was a basketball station, a hula hoop station, multiple snack stations, a dance area, chalk paint, and of course, time to play. .

“I would say close to 230 people were here at the Walk-A-Thon to participate.”

And this participation raised $7,600 for the school.

“We pray together, we dance together, we walk together, and we raise a ton of money for our school together.”

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