Providence House has funding available for those in need of rental assistance

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (KSLA) – Providence House, a non-profit organization in downtown Shreveport, wants to help residents who are struggling to pay their rent during the holiday season.

With funding from the city, the nonprofit has funds for homelessness prevention for eligible residents. Providence House has a total of $ 150,000 for people needing help paying rent and utility bills. The organization cannot take care of mortgages, only the rent of a house or an apartment.

These funds will flow directly to the owner once a family is eligible. The funds can be used to help pay three to six months of arrears, but cannot be used for late fees.

here are the qualifying factors:

  1. You must live in Shreveport, LA
  2. We must have proof of the need (notice of eviction, notice of delay, notice of disconnection)
  3. Documents required (Louisiana identity card / driver’s license, social security card, copy of lease, birth certificate for each resident of the household)
  4. Income cannot exceed 30% of the AMI (Average Median Income)
  5. Income must be verified (Unemployment, Social Security, Disability, etc.)

If you are eligible, these are the next steps:

  1. Call (318) 221-7887 and mention homelessness prevention. Each candidate is screened to ensure that all qualifications are met before the process begins.
  2. Once all the information has been verified, Providence House begins to process the payment request.
  3. Providence House has a team united around homelessness prevention including case management, workforce development specialist, etc. to help families move forward

Providence House can pay homeowners within 36 hours after all documents have been received.

Thanks to its own program, the association has helped more than 40 families with rent assistance.

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