Product Overview: GPARENCY’s Commercial Mortgage Enrollment Platform

“We have an annual subscription which gives a lot of perks and benefits and information to the [general partner/real estate owner client] — all the information they would need to make loans and gain access to the acquisition,” Zlotowitz said.

GPARENCY has steadily increased its capabilities. In May, for example, the company launched a lender-matching software product designed to give commercial real estate borrowers the ability to search by loan and property type to access every loan lender in their state for free. Earlier in June, GPARENCY launched a database of over 500 on-market and off-market commercial property listings exclusive to active buyers. Designed to help sponsors find the most relevant offers on the market, all listings are 100% confirmed and regularly updated with the latest information.

Slow and steady adoption of technology

There is a three-year plan to further improve and develop the GPARENCY platform. Upcoming items include the development of a comp database for the platform, which will also leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze rental listings and recommend which lenders to approach .

In real estate parlance, a rent roll reflects the income potential of a rental property. Property owners and managers use them for day-to-day property management to help analyze anticipated rental income and actual rental income received, among other things.

“We start with the customer’s needs first…on the front-end, [considering] how to bring everything fragmented in the industry onto one dashboard for the customer and then drill down to artificial intelligence,” Zlotowitcz said.

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