Principal, cops in Millaniya child torture case, released on bail

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Principal of Millaniya Elementary School, Millaniya Police Inspector and a Police Sergeant who were arrested and remanded in custody for torturing children, have been released on bail by the additional magistrate of Colombo, Keminda Perera.

The suspects were released on two personal bonds of Rs. 1 million each.

They were arrested by the National Child Protection Authority for allegedly torturing several grade 5 students at Millaniya Primary School for allegedly stealing a teacher’s wallet.

The president’s attorney who appeared for the suspects made statements in court, and subsequently the additional magistrate granted bail.

The National Child Protection Authority lawyer appearing in court said investigations into the incident were nearly complete.

The lawyer also said that the parents and guardians of the students who were allegedly tortured did not give their consent for the students to be brought before a forensic doctor.

The case will be called again on January 18, 2023.

Several fifth-graders at Millaniya Primary School in Horana were accused of stealing money from a teacher’s bag and were punished by teachers at the school, and the teachers themselves turned the students over to the local police.

The parents allege that the students were taken away by the police to be intimidated by electric shocks inside the police jeep and then driven back to school.

Two abused boys told News 1st that officers took them in a jeep and threatened them with electric shocks to reveal the truth, then drove them back to school.

Two police officers and a school director have been remanded in custody for torturing fifth-grade students at Millaniya Primary School in Horana.

The headmaster of Millaniya Gangamuwa Primary School, the deputy headmaster, a police inspector, a police sergeant and a police officer were summoned to the National Child Protection Authority on November 8 to record a statement on the incident of child torture.

They were roasted for more than five hours and then presented to the Colombo Magistrate’s Court.

Three suspects have been remanded in custody by the Colombo Supplementary Magistrate, while the deputy director and police officer have been released on bail.

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