PM-CARES has pledged Rs 100 Crore for vaccine development. Where did this money go?

A long appeal process, and no resolution either

On August 18, more than a month after filing RTI’s initial claim, Batra filed an RTI appeal because the details he requested had not yet been provided.

He got no response.

Unperturbed, he followed up by sending up to seven reminders to the First Appeals Authority (FAA) – on September 17, September 27, September 30, October 6, October 11, October 20 and October 27.

He then sent a strong email on November 10, tagging among other things the nodal officer of the RTI cell. He requested their intervention on the call which was not answered despite several reminders to the FAA.

Two days after the escalation of Batra, the FAA finally responded by detailing the institutions and agencies to which the RTI had been forwarded.

In addition, the FAA said the Health Promotion and Education Division (HPE) of the Department of Health also said it did not secure the funds.

What remained the question – so where did the funds go? Four months after sending an RTI request to various relevant ministries and waiting for RTI’s appeal, have not yet been able to provide an answer to this question.

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