Northwest Registered Agent Achieves Kicking Unicorn Status

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SPOKANE, Washington, January 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Northwest’s registered agent announced today that he has been granted Kicking Unicorn status, a new classification for valuations of billion dollar companies. A Kicking Unicorn is a private company valued at $ 1 billion or more that has no investors or debt.

“2021 has been a pivotal year for our business,” said Odinn Mimir, senior vice president of PromulGater, Northwest’s leading entity management platform. “We’ve had very little turnover, improved customer satisfaction, improved benefits, exceeded 550 employees, and navigated the pandemic cautiously one day at a time – all without investors demanding growth. and a return on their investments. It was the seed that the Kicking Unicorn grew from. The Kicking Unicorn is a new status symbol highlighting stability and good business conduct versus growth at all costs.

Unicorn kick businesses look like Unicornis, also known as ‘Common Unicorns’, but Kicking Unicorns don’t depend on angel investors, seed investors, venture capitalists, debt finance, Series G finance or IPOs. Additionally, A Kicking Unicorn’s $ 1 billion valuation is projected based on the company’s current finances and the company says it’s worth $ 1 billion because it says so, while standard common unicorn valuations are determined by investors saying what the company might be worth. after their investment repayment term expires many years later, as a group of investors have said so.

As the world’s first kicking unicorn, North West Registered Agent hopes to inspire like-minded businesses to claim Kicking Unicorn status and help promote an image of success that is fiscally responsible and customer and employee-centered, and not obsessed with rapid growth, IPOs, acquisitions or buybacks designed primarily for the benefit of investors. “We’d rather clean the jars than do business like that,” Mimir said. “Don’t wipe them off. It would suck. But if we could just ram the long hose into the hole and suck it up, we’d rather do it.

“Good,” said Narwal, senior vice president of finance for Northwest and a key thought leader in the creation of Kicking Unicorn. “There really are ways to run a top-level business without fooling your employees and stakeholders into selling their souls – only to see their stocks dilute to the point that they are no longer worth every new business cycle. investment paying off for previous years to blow the last infusion of money. Take care of customers. Treat employees well. All of this should also be a cause for excitement.

Northwest believes that one day the world will realize that it is more interesting to do a good job year after year than to announce rounds of debt financing and make investors rich. Until then, said Narwal, “Our chief maintenance engineer is feverishly setting up an attaboy shelf at our head office, and we’re hoping to pay a super-fringe business group magazine to give us a ‘best of’ price to place right at. next to our Unicorn Trophy kick.

About Northwest Registered Agent
North West Registered Agent is a national corporate guide service with offices in every state. Northwest is famous among literally no one – and when we say no one we mean not one person – for starting 100% on its way to over 2 million active subscriptions and making twice as many deposits as the famous sites. Web every month, all without a single employee with “marketing” in their job title. Northwest is proud of its commitment to Default Privacy®, which ensures that customer data is never sold, ever. It’s about doing business the right way.

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