Mountville Borough Council Votes to Use Standard Allocation of American Rescue Plan Act Relief Funds | Community News

When: Meeting of the Borough of Mountville, April 25.

What happened: The borough council has voted on whether to take the standard or detailed allocation for the second installment of the American Rescue Plan Act’s COVID-19 relief funds. The Board voted unanimously to take the standard allowance.

How much: Mountville Borough receives a total of $297,983 in ARPA relief funds in two installments. The first payment of $148,997 was received on September 13, 2021, as noted in the minutes of the meeting. The distribution of the second round of payments will begin in May.

Background: According to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, “The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) has allocated $6.15 billion to Pennsylvania counties, metropolitan cities, and local government units to support rescue efforts. response to COVID-19, replace lost income, support household and business economic stabilization, and address systemic public health and economic challenges. Local governments were able to request a portion of this relief aid based on population. This aid can be used to address the negative economic impact due to COVID-19, replace lost public sector revenue, invest in infrastructure, as well as other uses.

Help for small towns: Pennsylvania allows local governments to claim a standard allowance or declare up to $10 million in lost revenue, regardless of their actual loss, as long as it does not exceed the ARPA funding limit based on the population, rather than requiring a detailed loss report. This option is intended to help small municipalities that do not have staff to create a detailed report. This report was due by April 30, five days after the Mountville council meeting.

Distribution of funds: The Board formed a committee to study ARPA funding distribution options at the Feb. 14 meeting, according to the minutes of the meeting. The committee is made up of Vice President Christine Eshleman, Lenny Heisey, Phil Kresge and Mayor Steve Mitchell. The Council has accepted applications for ARPA relief funds from Mountville nonprofit organizations by letter through April 30. No decision has yet been made on disbursement.

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