Loan broker claims he gave $ 260,000 to former Japanese lawmaker over 6 years: sources


A government building housing the Tokyo District Attorney’s Office is visible. (Mainichi / Kim Suyeong)

TOKYO – A man believed to have played a key role in brokering coronavirus-related loans involving a business not registered as a money-lending firm told prosecutors he provided a total of around $ 30 million yen (about $ 260,000) to former lawmaker Kiyohiko Toyama over about six years, sources familiar with the matter revealed to the Mainichi Shimbun.

The revelation came during the self-questioning of the man, in his sixties, by the special investigative unit of the Tokyo District Attorney’s Office. The loan brokerage allegedly involved two former secretaries from Toyama, 52, a member of ruling coalition junior partner Komeito and former House of Representatives lawmaker.

Political fundraising reports from political organizations linked to Toyama from 2017 to 2019 do not list the man’s donations. It is suspected that Toyama permanently received what are considered “secret gifts”.

Sources say the alleged broker is a former adviser to Techno System Co., a solar-related company in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, whose president was arrested and charged with fraud and other charges by the special investigation unit. He was also president of an environmental company and is said to have had a close relationship with Toyama for around six years.

Toyama reportedly told the Special Investigation Unit during self-questioning, “He is a powerful supporter who has helped me financially for many years.

In June, the special investigation team searched the man’s home in Tokyo in connection with the Techno System Co. case and found descriptions suggesting cash supplies in Toyama among the confiscated diaries and notes. going back several years.

Subsequently, the man allegedly admitted during voluntary interrogation by the unit that he had given money to Toyama on several occasions at a club in the Ginza district of Tokyo and elsewhere. Of the roughly 30 million yen he donated to Toyama, around 10 million yen (roughly $ 88,000) was reportedly provided over about a year from September 2019, when Toyama was state finance minister.

In the 2017-2019 political fundraising reports from three political groups linked to Toyama, including Toyama Heiwa Seisaku Kenkyusho, a fund management organization he headed, neither the man’s name nor the name of his environmental company were listed. group donors or buyers. tickets to political fundraising parties. Meanwhile, Techno System Co. donated 1 million yen (approximately $ 9,000) to the Kyushu General Branch No.2 of the Komeito House of Representatives Proportional Representation Block in September 2017.

In August, investigators raided Toyama’s home and other locations linked to the man’s alleged violation of the money lending law. The two former Toyama secretaries reportedly introduced officials from the Japan Finance Corporation in charge of special coronavirus loans to several companies by phoning the company at the request of the man, who was not a registered money lender .

During an August interview with Mainichi Shimbun, Toyama said he never received any money from the man. But he reportedly told those close to him that he had received funding from the man, but didn’t think it was a reward for the loan brokerage.

The 70-year-old also reportedly told the special investigation unit that “the money was intended to show my support for Toyama as a politician. It was not a reward for brokering loans.”

The special investigation team is apparently ready to delve deeper into the purpose of providing the money by questioning Toyama.

(Japanese original by Kazuya Shimura, Yujiro Futamura, Ai Kunimoto and Tomonori Matsuo, Tokyo City Information Department)

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