Internet supports student whose best friend ‘borrowed’ and lost her $ 1,700 coat in viral post

An 18-year-old college student sought advice on Reddit after her close friend took and lost her expensive winter coat. The incident threatens their friendship as the Redditor asked her friend to replace the cost of the jacket with $ 1,700, but the friend argued that she couldn’t afford it.

The post went viral since it was shared on Wednesday, generating 12,600 upvotes and 1,700 comments.

Moncler jackets are notoriously expensive. At the time of writing, for example, the cheapest women’s outerwear on the brand’s website is a $ 750 quilted down vest. On the high end, however, the prices for a long coat can exceed $ 6,000.

The appeal of these types of coats, for many, is that they represent a major investment that can be worn for years. The anonymous Redditor, known only as u / abbline, said she only liked her jacket a few months before it disappeared.

She explained that her best friend, another 18-year-old, “was in [her] dormitory because [she] hosted [their] study group. “

“Afterward, she was going to a party and wearing a little dress, so she asked me if she could borrow my coat because it is freezing,” she wrote. “I said sure, she can take the purple off my bed.” Her friend, however, did not take the purple jacket.

“She told me the next day that she was sorry and lost my coat at the party,” u / abbline explained. “And she hadn’t taken the purple. She had taken the black on my bed because it looked warmer.”

“The coat she lost was a Moncler, and I would never have let her take it,” she continued. “I told her she could take my purple coat, which is the coat I take to parties because I don’t worry about it being lost or stolen.”

The Redditor added that she was “really upset” by the incident and asked her friend to reimburse the cost of the jacket. The friend would have agreed, that is, until she found out how expensive the coat really was.

“Then she got angry saying she could never find the money,” she wrote. “I said it wasn’t my fault since she shouldn’t have taken it, and she got hysterical when I said I wanted all the money back.”

In the comments section, u / abbline added more details, including that the coat costs $ 1,700 before tax. Plus, the jacket “was fundamentally new”: it was given to her by her parents as a birthday present earlier this fall.

Commentators were quick to comment on the saga, with most supporting the Redditor, especially because she explicitly asked her friend to borrow a different coat. Many others were also blown away by the jacket’s high price tag.

“She purposely took the wrong coat and lost it. She is definitely responsible for replacing it,” u / NUT-me-SHELL commented.

“NTA but damn it, this coat is expensive. I can see both why you don’t take it to parties and why it got stolen. The giant mistake she made was to take something else than what you had accepted, “wrote you / tropical diver. “It’s up to you to decide if you give him a break. “

Others have speculated that the friend had in fact intentionally taken the Moncler jacket from Redditor, precisely because of its high price tag.

“The lack of accountability is baffling. The friend didn’t offer to fix this, so it looks very fishy,” u / Electrical-Date-3951 commented. “She [didn’t] have permission to take the coat, so she stole it. And me [wouldn’t] be surprised if she knew it was a more expensive coat. “

News week contacted u / abbline for further comment.

People walking on the campus of Harvard University, 2000. An article on Reddit detailing how a friend took and then misplaced another friend’s expensive coat and is now unable to pay the money back.
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