ICYMI: Cedar Hill Fire buys land next to Station 1 | Local News

The Cedar Hill Fire Protection District purchased the vacant lot next to Station 1, which is at 6766 Cedar Hill Road in Cedar Hill.

Chief Mick Fischer said the lot has no address, but is just over 2 acres.

“It is the property between the highway. BB and our existing fire station,” he said.

The fire district purchased the plot from Jefferson County Councilwoman Vicky James and her husband, Ron, for $35,000, Fischer said.

He said the sale closed on December 20.

Fischer said the district didn’t have to borrow money to buy the land and instead used money from its land and building fund, which is earmarked for capital improvements.

James said she and her husband sold the land because it is near their current home, and they no longer need it because they plan to build a new home elsewhere in Cedar Hill.

She said she first contacted the fire department to sell the land, as it is adjacent to the train station.

“There were a few other people interested, but since my husband and I have lived here all our lives, we thought it was the right thing to do to get us closer (to the fire station),” he said. she stated.

James said the land was not appraised before it was sold.

“We just based (the sale price) on land sales in the area, so I thought it was a fair price and they agreed,” she said.

Fischer said he was grateful to the James family.

“They wanted to help the fire district, as well as sell the property, so it was sort of a win-win for us,” he said.

Plan the land

Fischer said he hopes to build a storage building and offices on the land.

“It would allow us to increase the usable space in our existing building and redevelop it for our living quarters,” he said. “By making this addition, we want to move the training room downstairs and then be able to reuse the set upstairs in all living quarters.”

Currently, everyone sleeps in a community dorm, and the renovation would create individual dorms, Fischer said.

He said he had no estimate of the cost of the expansion on the new lot, but he hopes it wouldn’t be more than $1 million.

Fischer said the district plans at some point to solicit bids for the actual construction of the new buildings, but the on-duty firefighters could help with some of the renovations.

“While the guys are on duty here, it’s just another project we’re working on,” he said. “When you build a new home, you put money into it to keep costs low and affordable.”

Fischer said the district previously planned to move Station 1.

“We originally planned a few years ago to build a new fire station on separate property that we own,” he said.

Fischer said the other property was purchased from Bill Williams Construction in May 2007 for $399,000. The lot has no address, but it is behind the Save A Lot in Cedar Hill.

Fischer said that to build a new station there, the district would have had to go through a $10 million bond issue.

Fischer said expansion into the lot next to the current station would cost much less and could be done with tax revenue the district already has.

“One of my goals is to not have to ask taxpayers for more money,” he said. “We don’t think that’s the right thing to do with the economy and everything right now.”

Fischer said the district plans to keep the property near the Save A Lot store for the time being.

“I would imagine if anyone showed interest in some money that would benefit the fire district, I could see that the council might consider selling it, but we’re not actively trying to sell it,” he said.

three new people

Fischer said the district also recently applied for a FEMA Safer grant to hire three new firefighters.

Fischer said that over three years, salaries and benefits for three employees cost about $1 million.

“If we get the grant, we’re going to use the money we save from not having to pay salaries and benefits to these guys for three years to improve capital assets to more or less put this project in the pipeline. express line.”

Fischer said if the district didn’t get the grant, the district could still afford to hire three new people, but capital improvements wouldn’t move as quickly.

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