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A joint effort by Tidioute transforms the old hardware store space into a precious space for the whole community.

And the funding side of that effort took a hit on Wednesday.

Tidioute Community Charter School deputy principal Ryan Steffan said this was part of an initiative undertaken by the TCCS Foundation, which was launched in 2015.

“We have significant long-term public donations with which we started the project”, he said. “We’ve used some of that money since last year.”

Steffan explained that a local family donated the building and the funding was used to start work on the space.

“We have made significant improvements”, he said, explaining that the project is a joint effort between TCCS as well as the Tidioute Heart & Soul group. “We would like to bring all of this together as a community building as well as a facility for students to use for different types of events. “

Half of the space would provide this space for students while the other half would be open to community events. Steffan said all funds generated as a result will be donated to the TCCS Foundation “It will benefit long-term students with scholarships and the like.” “

The building is 6,300 square feet.

“We’re just trying to keep going and making money for the foundation as a 501v3 for the benefit of the students, kill two birds with one stone.” he said, and “Give the Tidioute community a building for different events to try and add to the spark of the community. It seems to be getting closer.

Steffan said the building was in “horrible shape” and 11 dumpsters worth material were transported.

“We want to continue” he said.

Heather Cass, school secretary, member of the Heart & Soul group and now a member of the borough council, said the partnership with Heart & Soul was an effort to “Try to make the voice of the community heard” in defining the best use of the building.

“That’s what we’re doing by bringing these multiple organizations together. “

Ronnie Weller said the Foundation has raised around $ 70,000 so far and spent it on the work done so far.

“We’re going to do whatever it takes. “ he said.

Warren County Commissioners have agreed to contribute $ 15,000 in funding for Bill 13 – funding for state-wide Marcellus shale gas development – to the effort.

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston called him “Really fantastic redevelopment project” and called it “a good show of leadership to Tidioute.”

“(It’s) very exciting to see everyone coming together with a common vision of the city center”, he added.

Funding “Will help them continue to work through the winter and prepare the building for use.” “

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