Francis Ngannou refuses to sign new UFC deal as star blasts Dana White after having to ‘borrow money’ for training camp



FRANCIS NGANNOU refuses to extend his contract with the UFC and has criticized the chairman of the promotion, Dana White, for having had to borrow money for his training camp.

UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou is said to be in the last fight of his current contract with the MMA giants as he prepares for a unification title fight against interim champion Ciryl Gane at the UFC 270 on January 22.


Francis Ngannou refused to extend his UFC contract for financial reasonsCredit: Getty
UFC President Dana White slammed by Francis Ngannou


UFC President Dana White criticized by Francis NgannouCredit: Getty Images – Getty

However, the predator clause and various UFC extensions make things much more complicated.

This is why the Cameroonian murderer is looking for better conditions and even plans to follow the same path as other former MMA stars who now practice boxing.

Ngannou told Ariel Helwani during MMA HouA: “They tried to lobby with these extensions, but I didn’t sign a new deal.

“And I think that’s basically the problem. That’s what causes all these problems because I don’t want to sign a new agreement on certain conditions.

“It doesn’t work for me because I don’t feel protected in these terms. In the past two years I have fought twice and then I have to borrow money to leave.

“Nobody cares. I don’t have any guarantees in this deal. And I don’t have a quote.

“So based on this experience, I want to get something better. Better terms on my contract, and obviously, [get paid] what I deserve.

“I feel like I shouldn’t need to borrow money for my training camp. At some point I’ll go after these [boxing] money. I’m going to do this boxing. That’s for sure.

“From what is said, I am an independent contractor. So what I want, I want a contract with a prospective [termination] date, so after that I’ll do whatever I want.

“That’s what he says, independent contractor, with a possible termination date. After that, you’re free, aren’t you?

“Then you have the right to decide again where you are going and what you are going to do.

“You don’t need to be forced to continue signing or stay in the [same] Contract. So it is not to be an independent contractor.

According to SBNation, Ngannou’s issues are not part of an isolated event as that is exactly what some fighters are currently trying to deal with in the UFC class action lawsuit.

Various personalities in the fighting world have spoken out against the organization’s salary to fighters, such as YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Paul recently said: “This is something I’m optimistic about and something that needs to change.

“For my fight, when we were building the undercard, I was like, ‘We have to make sure that this fight, these fighters, every person on this card gets paid the most they’ve ever been paid to fight.

“I just want to spread the wealth and speak my words and put actions behind my words and be the change instead of just talking about the change.”


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