“Fine Lines” Highlights: See the Hair Color Trend

  • “Fine line” highlights are set to be the next big hair color trend.
  • This technique features intricately woven highlights and highlights for an added dimension.
  • It works best on blonde hair, but can be incorporated on darker tones as well.

Fine wrinkles: your parents warn you when you step on them, care brands try to hurt them and tattoo artists have almost made it a specialty. So, is it any surprise to hear those two little words making their way into the hair color category? We hope you answered “no”, because the biggest hair trend of winter is here: “fine line” highlights.

Think of this color as the Kristin Cavallari circa 2005 meets Beyonce atop Destiny’s Child (both references seem appropriate, given the resurgence of Y2K trends). This can be achieved through a “blend of highlights and intricately woven highlights,” said Karissa Schaudt, colorist at the Maxine Salon in Chicago. “As seen on Khloe [Kardashian] recently he gave you a bold blonde. It’s best on short to mid-length hair and great for our blondes who want to be year round, including the winter months. “

The end result is loaded with dimension – that’s where those fine “lines” come in – which blend perfectly with your base shade. While it may look similar to silver coins or even bulky highlights, the dividing lines in this case are much less noticeable and instead feature a uniform color from roots to ends. “Ask your stylist for babylights to make sure the pieces aren’t bulky and very mixed up,” Schaudt said.

Still, you don’t have to be born blonde to get the look. Whether you’re a natural looking for a bit of oomph, just want to test all that blonde-fun theory out, check out our favorite examples of “fine line” highlights below.

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