Enduring families can apply for a free £570 voucher to pay for food and bills

HARD-UP families can apply for free vouchers worth around £570 to pay for food and bills.

The money is being distributed by a local council as part of the £500million Household Support Fund.


Families in difficulty can apply for help from the Household Support Fund

Across the country, councils are supporting struggling families to help them pay essential expenses such as food and energy bills.

For example, residents of Wealden in East Sussex can apply for a one-time payment of £250 to pay off their energy and water bill debts.

They can also access vouchers to spend at major supermarket chains including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and ALdi.

Eligible applicants will receive food vouchers worth up to £100 for each adult in the household, not including adult children.

They will also receive £15 per week per child under 18, capped at £60 each.

This means a family of four, with two adults and two children, could earn a total salary of £570.

Applications are open until March 31, but may close sooner if funding runs out, so you should file a claim as soon as possible.

The support you can get depends on where you live in the country.

For example, in Elmbridge in Surrey, you can get a one-time payment of £100 to help pay for food and bills until January 31.

Meanwhile, families in Barnsley can apply for supermarket vouchers worth up to £200.

To find out what help you can get where you live, you can find your local council using the search tool on gov.uk – just enter your postcode.

You can then see what help you can get from the Household Support Fund, who is eligible and how to apply.

At Wealden, you must have certain benefits such as Universal Credit to qualify.

But other local authorities have based their decisions on different criteria, in particular the households eligible for a reduction in housing tax.

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