District 118 celebrates graduation, scholarships and top teachers

As Danville High School’s graduation weekend approaches, a lot of things to celebrate in District 118 were highlighted at Thursday night’s special board meeting. Superintendent Dr Alicia Geddis was delighted to report that ten percent of the 190 DHS graduates were receiving full rides to college. And that was just the start.

AUDIO: to various NYU colleges in Oklahoma; from aeronautical engineering to theatre; our children should be celebrated. And then there was another, I think it was 37 others who received scholarships ranging from 80% of their tuition to 5% of their tuition.

Additionally, Dr. Geddis was working on a new program designed to match seniors’ career ambitions with employment needs in Danville workplaces. She matched many students with their interests and recommended a new summer work program to the board. It passed, Dr. Geddis was very happy; and she hopes it will grow even more.

AUDIO: We are creating a summer work program with these graduates; in the fields of technology, catering, construction trades and education; so they can go and have on their resume that they have experience. They needed experience; they need money to pay for college. And I hope there’s a second part to this; especially in this area of ​​education where we need teachers. And maybe the council could help us do something with their tuition, and they’ll agree to come back and teach with us.

In the meantime, this year’s Dr. David L Fields Teaching Excellence Awards have been announced. They were introduced to Kim Fraser as Danville High School, Erin Bergeron at North Ridge, Karin Klett at South View, Emily Carter at Northeast Magnet School, and Amber Tutwiler at Edison Elementary. Bob Richard of the Danville Public Schools Foundation said afterward that every year it’s amazing to hear what teachers have done to be recognized.

AUDIO: These awards were created in 2001, and the district selects what it considers to be its top five teachers for that school year. The principals make the appointments. Every year we simply see fantastic teachers show up.

Also at Thursday’s District 118 Board of Directors meeting, new positions within the district were announced. Chris Rice is leaving the post of principal of Meade Park to become coordinator of preschool learning. Robin Fluno moves from vice principal of North Ridge Middle School to principal of South View Upper Elementary. Tanner Delauier goes from assistant manager at South View to manager at Meade Park. And finally, Nicole Zaayer, current principal of the Garfield School Closure, has been named the new principal of Southwest Elementary.

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