CX Daily: How saving Poyang Lake will alter a complex ecosystem

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In Depth: How Saving Poyang Lake Will Alter a Complex Ecosystem

His unique ecology makes Poyang Lake the most important wetland in China with global influence. It is included in the List of Wetlands of International Importance by the Convention on Wetlands and is designated as an Ecological Area of ​​Global Importance by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Now a proposed 3-kilometre-long, 23.4-metre-tall sluice system, intended to maintain the lake’s water level during the winter dry season, could alter the ecology of the lake, some ecologists and ecologists say. .

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Huawei steps up debt financing with $593 million onshore bond sale

Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd. look for raise 4 billion yuan ($593 million) of its fourth onshore bond sale this year, a sign that the Chinese telecom giant is increasingly tapping into the domestic market for credit.

The Shenzhen-based company raised 21 billion yuan through the sale of domestic bonds this year, including 15 billion yuan of medium-term notes and 6 billion yuan of short-term notes, the highest total ever. . Huawei’s debt financing totaled 8 billion yuan last year and 9 billion yuan in 2020.

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Shanghai appoints interim prosecutor after corruption probe ousts ex-chief

Shanghai appointed Thursday, a temporary top city prosecutor, filling a vacant position since a corruption probe toppled the former chief in June.

Chen Yong, 58, was appointed as the acting head of the Shanghai People’s Procuratorate and named its permanent deputy head after being selected as the body’s top Communist Party official last week.


China’s ban on secondary trading means that NFT platforms can only host a limited number of transactions and are unable to make the kind of profits that their overseas counterparts do.


Tencent’s NFT unit to lay off staff as regulators step up scrutiny

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is laying off staff at its non-fungible token (NFT) purchase and collection platform Huanhe (幻核), according to sources close to the Chinese internet giant said Caixinas part of heightened regulatory scrutiny over transactions in tokens that aim to provide proof of ownership of digital assets such as works of art.

Huanhe, which has only been in operation since August 2021, is also adjusting its development strategy to avoid regulatory risks, the sources said, although Tencent is still pursuing its plan to roll out an international version of Huanhe, d other sources familiar with the matter.

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Suning founder’s son loses $255m Hong Kong lawsuit

The son of the founder of Chinese retail giant Suning lost a case in Hong Kong and was ordered to repay $255 million to creditors.

The lawsuit was filed last August by China Construction Bank (Asia) Corp. on behalf of Suning’s creditors to recover losses resulting from the company’s default on a $165 million facility agreement and $85 million secured note due last July.

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Analysis: To keep risks at bay, China and the United States resort to frequent high-level dialogues

Beijing issued a stark warning to Washington this week when news broke that Nancy Pelosi was planning a trip to Taiwan. But that came as relations between the two countries lookwith a series of high-level meetings with senior officials on both sides showing willingness to rebuild the lines of communication.

China’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday saying that it should “resolute and strong measuresin response to reports that Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, will be visiting Taiwan on a diplomatic tour of Asia in August.

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The first Chinese signals flexible growth target, cautious stimulus

Tomorrow Holding’s bankrupt insurance unit seeks investors


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Didi fined $1.2 billion for national security and data breaches

China’s Cyberspace Regulator will go well Didi Global Inc. 8 billion yuan ($1.2 billion) for violating national security and personal information protection laws, according to an official statement (link in Chinese).

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said Didi, which made 178 billion yuan in revenue in 2021, committed 16 violations, including illegally collecting facial recognition information, according to a report. long list of violations provided by the CAC in a question and answer sheet on the property.

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Chinese biotech duo eyes $2.8 billion expansion in Singapore

Chinese contract drug makers Wuxi AppTec Co. Ltd. and Wuxi Biologics Cayman Inc. each unveiled a 10-year investment plan to expand their presence in Singapore – a boost to the Southeast Asian country’s efforts to establish itself as a global center for biomedical manufacturing.

In a statement on TuesdayWuxi AppTec, listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong, has announced plans to invest S$2 billion ($1.4 billion) to build a new R&D and manufacturing site in Singapore, which includes laboratories and facilities capable of meeting growing demand and advancing drug development.

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China seeks to codify pharmacist regulation into law

China’s top healthcare regulator promised to move forward long-awaited legislation to bring licensed pharmacists under oversight based on law rather than mere regulation.

Unlike doctors who are responsible for diagnosing and treating patients, nearly 700,000 licensed pharmacists in China play a role in ensuring the quality of medicines and instructing people on how to take various drugs. But while many countries have passed specific legislation to regulate the sector, China only has regulatory documents.

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Baidu, to be the first to offer driverless robotaxis in Beijing

Macau to reopen casinos Saturday if virus conditions permit

Apple’s deliveries to China jumped in June after lockdowns were lifted

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The Asian financial crisis 25 years later


Discovery of new terracotta objects

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