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Ahmedabad: A 40-year-old Chandkheda businessman, Kamlesh Patel, who sold mosquito and insect repellents, was beaten to death in his office near Tapovan Circle by a pawnbroker on Monday afternoon, said police announced on Tuesday.
Kamlesh’s wife, Pratiti Patel, 39, a resident of Urja Bungalows on New CG Road, said in her FIR that her husband had borrowed money from the defendant, Bhadresh Patel, from time to time during about six years.

After the lockdown and nightly curfews, Kamlesh’s business suffered losses and he was unable to repay Bhadresh regularly, Pratiti said. She added that she did not know how much money her husband owed Bhadresh.
She said that when Kamlesh’s repayments became erratic, Bhadresh started threatening and assaulting him quite often.
On February 16, Bhadresh called Kamlesh, Pratiti and their 17-year-old son at his Shivdarshan Society home, Chandkheda, and began demanding money and threatening them.
“He hit my husband with a chair, causing serious injuries to his face and body. He also confined us to the house and said he would keep our son until Kamlesh pays him back,” Pratiti said in FIR.
She said they begged Bhadresh after which he let them go. At that time, Kamlesh, fearing social disgrace, did not file a complaint with the police.
After this incident, Kamlesh sent her and their son to his parents’ house in Nadiad.
On Sunday afternoon, the Kamlesh worker called her and told her to rush to Ahmedabad as Kamlesh had suffered serious injuries in a beating by Bhadresh.
“Kamlesh employee Jignesh Patel told me that Bhadresh stormed into Kamlesh’s office around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday and started kicking and punching Kamlesh, demanding money. When Jignesh and another staff member intervened, Bhadresh threatened to kill them, after which they left the office,” FIR states.
Bhadresh then allegedly beat Kamlesh until he lost consciousness and then left the office.
When Jignesh entered, he found Kamlesh in terrible condition and called for an ambulance. He was taken to a private hospital in Chandkheda, where he was pronounced dead.
Chandkheda Police have registered a case of murder, unlawful detention and criminal intimidation against Bhadresh and opened an investigation.

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