Clintondale superintendent addresses ill-spent money and referrals controversy

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan. – He was accused of misspending the school district’s money and not having the credentials to get the job.

On Thursday, the embattled superintendent of the Clintondale School District in Macomb County sat down for a one-on-one to clear the air.

He said he views the attacks on his credibility as a direct threat to his reputation and his job, and wants his district to hear his side of the story.

He has a lot to say.

He said he had enemies because he made tough decisions about accountability. He said he had done nothing wrong. He said he was qualified to serve as a superintendent at Michigan State, and he said he fully expects his contract to be renewed at the next board meeting. administration on July 25.

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Lily: Macomb County School District superintendent faces questions from former board members over qualifications and expenses

Two former board members have raised concerns about what Rodriguez Broadnax put on his resume to get the job of superintendent in the Clintondale Community School District. They claim in North Carolina that there is no record of him teaching in that state and no record of proper licensing and certification to teach.

“In North Carolina, like in other states, there are different rules for side entry certifications, or whatever you want to call it, just like an alternate route,” Broadnax said. “I really didn’t get a license there, I didn’t have a license in North Carolina, but that doesn’t show that I did on my resume that I had a license in North Carolina. “

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Broadnax’s license to teach in Nevada is also in question because critics said they could find no record of his stated teaching license number.

“In Nevada I applied for a license and never got one in Nevada because of their certification requirements or rules, but I was there for two years as superintendent, the board of administration and worked on these issues,” Broadnax said.

Paula Tutman: “So you’re saying they knew you didn’t have a license?”

Broadnax: Yes.

Tutman: They didn’t require it either, and you didn’t put it on your resume? »

Broadnax: No no.

His references and resume entries for Indiana and South Dakota are also challenges.

On the night of Wednesday July 13, Broadnax sent a 10-page document with photocopies of various certifications addressed to the Clintondale school community.

It includes a reading from the executive search firm that submitted his resume for the job before he was hired on July 1, 2021, reaffirming that it did its due diligence in vetting him.

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In it, he also addresses questions about district funds on out-of-town school trips he has spent and reimbursed for personal items and alcohol, saying, “We don’t always get it right. properly.”

“I took a team, and no one did anything malicious that they wouldn’t normally do,” Broadnax said. “Something was just hanging on the District’s credit card at the hotel. That’s it.”

Tutman: Was it a mistake?

“It was a mistake that we didn’t realize the district credit card was hooked and the booze would be hooked to the hotel credit card,” Broadnax said.

His final summary of the ordeal:

“I think we should focus on what’s important, and that’s the kids,” Broadnax said. ” I’ve been in school. I have my education; I have my bachelor’s degree, my master’s degree and an honors degree. I have my director and superintendent certifications. I also have eight years as a superintendent. That shouldn’t even be a question anymore.

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Local 4 has spoken to some of the former school board members who dispute credentials and spending practices, and they say that despite written and verbal disclosures and assurances from Broadnax, they stand by their accusations that he is not qualified to lead this school district. .

They also say that all they are asking is that the school board, not the recruiting agency, but the school board do their own due diligence like looking at the resume they submitted and looking at their resume current life. Make phone calls, report their findings, and set the record straight.

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