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Andy Allen sees his company, Corner Lot Development Group LLC, growing at a time that mirrors the progress of Northeast Florida.

Allen is relaunching his company’s brand for Simply Corner Lot. The company previously had several subsidiaries such as Breeze Homes, Corner Lot Living and Corner Lot Commercial.

“Instead of having all these different facets, it’s just Corner Lot,” said Allen, the CEO.

The company has 18 employees in offices in the historic building at 1819 Goodwin St. in Riverside overlooking the St. Johns River.

Allen, 41, founded the company in 2009 after several personal experiences.

Originally from Orlando, Allen has been in Jacksonville since 1994 when he moved here with his family in seventh grade.

He attended Jacksonville University and was a member of the golf team. Golf is partly responsible for its entry into the land development business.

Allen was a caddy at Pablo Creek Golf and tried to reflect some of the personalities of the members. He began to look to a career in finance by listening to discussions about money matters during class.

He also held the position of notary signing agent for closing documents on real estate transactions for real estate brokers and agents.

The mixture led to a natural result, he said.

“I literally learned real estate from the closing table,” Allen said.

“Then I met the brokers and realized how much money they were making and I thought, ‘I could do this. “”

Allen got his mortgage broker’s license, then in 2009, during the Great Recession, he said he learned how real estate works and started buying and selling foreclosed properties.

“I wanted to go into development because, frankly, I was exhausted going into a house, putting the same paint, the same cabinets, the same tops, and basically creating the same end product,” he said. he declares.

“When I came into development, I always loved seeing a vision appear and no two days are the same.”

Allen is majority owner. COO George Leone is a partner.

Start of land use planning

Corner Lot started out in land development with subdivisions and lots, he said.

The company is currently developing multi-family buildings with approximately 1,000 units per year and approximately 1,500 single-family subdivision lots per year.

Breeze Homes builds approximately 200 homes as well as commercial buildings worth approximately $30-40 million per year.

Challenges include a significant delay in obtaining permits to meet demand.

“I feel very isolated in northeast Florida,” Allen said.

“As long as we’re creating jobs and having net migration growth like we’re doing right now, people are still coming to Florida and a lot of them are coming to Jacksonville.”

Most of Florida’s other major metropolitan areas are quite developed, especially near the heart of Tampa, Miami, and Orlando.

Corner Lot Development Group founder Andy Allen played golf for the University of Jacksonville and caddyed at the Pablo Creek Club. (Photo by Dede Smith)

Allen said northeast Florida still has some wiggle room.

“Jacksonville, I think we’re in a really near-perfect time slot as a business to reflect the growth of our city,” Allen said, noting that he’s involved in several downtown developments.

A primary strategy is to be aware of density.

“I don’t want to become South Florida and that doesn’t worry me,” Allen said. “I welcome all new people and businesses.

“We still have 850 square miles,” he said, with north and west Jacksonville as areas of opportunity.

“But the urban core is a great place,” he said.

“We see this as the next big market in urban development.”

Job creation and lifestyle are key, he said.

He knows this because he moved there to start a family.

Allen met his wife, Kristen, while she was at the University of North Florida. He was taking a semester in the MBA program.

The couple will be married for 17 in August and have a 16-year-old daughter, Ava Elizabeth, and an 11-year-old son, Payne Robert.

“Top of my list”

For Allen, 2022 promises to be a year of growth with revenue expected to reach $100 million.

That’s an increase from more than $75 million in 2021 and more than triple 2020’s revenue.

David Matthews, formerly of Jacksonville, moved to a rural area in St. Johns County about two years ago.

He’s a private lender who secured multiple loans for Allen, and he said no one should underestimate Corner Lot’s future.

“Andy is an honorable man whose integrity is beyond reproach. He has proven that to me hundreds of times,” he said.

Matthews added that Allen is a strong business partner.

“Others will bring you deals on the back of a napkin. Andy has a sophistication and intelligence to present every aspect of the deal,” he said.

“I have done business with several developers. He’s at the top of my list.

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