Aged Care Alert – New Aged Care Payment System and Care Minute Goals Now Available on the Support Portal

Date published:

August 23, 2022


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Health sector

New elderly care payment system

The new Elderly Care Payment System (ACPS) is now live, which means that online claim channels, including the Elderly Care Provider Portal (ACPP) and Elder Care Web Services seniors are now open.

You can start filing claims and submitting events such as ACFI, entry (including palliative care on entry), discharges and departures.

We encourage suppliers to use the range of resources on the new ACPS. These are available on the Services Australia Health Professional Education Resources page.

Minutes of care goals

Providers can now view their care minutes goals in the My Aged Care services and support portal.

For each of their installations, suppliers can see:

  • the total average goal of minutes of care that must be provided by a combination of registered nurses, registered nurses and caregivers per resident per day; and
  • the average registered nursing minutes target to be provided by registered nurses per resident per day. This is included in the average care minutes total.

It is important to understand your Care Minutes goals as this will inform your workforce planning as we transition to the new funding model starting October 1, 2022 (mandatory starting October 1, 2023). It will also be important for quarterly financial reports, which feed into the star rating system from December 2022.

For more information, see Section 9 of the My Aged Care Service and Support Portal User Guide and the Calculating Minutes of Care Goals Fact Sheet.

Workforce initiatives

These programs can help providers meet workforce planning goals and minutes of care goals.

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