Women investors more reserved than men investors?

Anyone who gets to know Honest Credit soon realizes that we do not fit into classic grids. For example, at Honest Credit, against the otherwise prevailing uncertainty of the financial world, transparency is a top priority.

Marketplace transparently


Outsiders should also have the opportunity to comprehend all developments on our marketplace transparently. This possibility leads again and again to exciting evaluations of the happenings on our market place.

The help of our data

The help of our data

a recent study has shown that even a common prejudice of the financial world at Honest Credit is not true: that women invest more risk-averse than men. A study at the German Institute for Economic Research investigated whether women and men have a different risk appetite when investing their money.

The Credit author was selected in the study entitled “Does Gender Affect the Risk Propensity of Retail Investors? Evidence from the Largest German Market for Peer-to-Peer Lending “shows that women on Honest Credit are by no means more risk averse than men. While the share of male investors in Honest Credit is higher than the female one, risk appetite for investing in loan projects is the same for both men and women.

Women therefore choose neither riskier nor riskier projects than men. The study was presented at the European Retail Investment Conference in February this year and can be accessed online here.

This is not the first DIW study to show that gender differences do not apply to a modern marketplace such as Honest Credit. Already in August 2010, the DIW has shown that self-employed women in the lending of Honest Credit are not disadvantaged as in classical banks.

Female entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs

The lending practice of traditional banks has been criticized as discriminatory, as female entrepreneurs there have less chance of success on a loan and also have to fight under the same conditions with worse conditions than your male colleagues. Honest Credit investors, on the other hand, are unfamiliar with such discrimination, so that women and men in our marketplace have equal opportunities to get credit on favorable terms.

We are pleased with the results of the study and are looking forward to seeing the results. Are the results surprising to you, or did you realize from your own experience that risk taking does not depend on gender? 

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