Loan for self-employed: how to get it?

An autonomous person, that is, who has an occupation, but does not have the signed portfolio, such as an entrepreneur of a small business, does not have a fixed income.

If this was a problem to get a loan in the past, nowadays it is not anymore, as the number of people in this category has been increasing and in 2017 has exceeded that of people with formal employment.

Some institutions still require proof of income, but in many cases you will only need the bank statement from your account in recent months. In addition, some financial companies do not require proof of income.

It has now become easier to borrow money being a freelancer.

And if you want to get a loan, we’ll show you that there are many options.

Options to get a loan

1. Microcredit

1. Microcredit

It is intended for micro and small entrepreneurs to invest in the business itself. Microcredit is interesting, as it serves formal, informal, autonomous entrepreneurs and even for those who are negative, that is, with the dirty name.

And the best part is that it is simple and does not have many bureaucracies. In addition, you will be assisted by a microcredit agent who will visit your business and better understand your needs, to help propel you.

But the question is: how to get a microcredit? You will need to present a bank statement for the last 3 or 6 months, contracts and receipts for services rendered and if there is proof of income tax, it is important to also show.

The amounts can be from R $ 1,000.00 to R $ 15,000.00 with payment in 4 to 24 installments and interest rates reach a maximum of 4% per month, being relatively low compared, for example, to overdraft, around 12.7% per month, depending on the financial.

This is currently the type of loan offered by several banks and fintechs, which are companies that invest in technology and are experts in finance.

2. Offer of guarantees

2. Offer of guarantees

In this circumstance you would place a property or vehicle itself as collateral and if there is no debt payment, the bank has the right to it. Therefore, it will be collected by the bank and your debt will be paid off.

This is a type of loan offered by many banks and financial institutions with low interest rates and the amounts given can be high, up to 70% of the value of the property / vehicle and with extensive repayment terms because they have a guarantee of that they will receive.

But it is important to note that in the case of non-payment of the debt, you will lose it, so it is necessary to reflect on the payment amount of the installment and if you have conditions to remove.

In addition to the offer of property or vehicle, there is also the pledge, in which the property offered is a jewel, but in this situation Caixa Econômica Federal is the only institution authorized to do so.

In the attachment, the person offers the jewelry as a reward and leaves with the money on time, with interest that tends to be low.

3. Online Loan

3. Online Loan

In this mode, you can carry out the loan from the comfort of your home and interest rates are lower because the cost of the bank to carry out the loan is lower.

But in the case of the self-employed, the interest rate is related to the risk. Some companies will offer low interest to those who have low credit risk, so they do not accept negatives.

However, there will also be companies that offer loans to those who have a higher credit risk, such as the negatives, but interest rates are higher.

4. Presentation of a guarantor

4. Presentation of a guarantor

Another option is the presentation of a guarantor, more knowledge as the guarantor, who would be a person close to you.

He will provide proof of his income and if the debt is not paid, the guarantor will have to assume it or he may put a good as collateral, in which the bank will be entitled on it in the event the debt is not removed.

5. P2P Sites

5. P2P Sites

P2P is a new form of lending that came to innovate, because it will connect, through an online platform, the one who wants to get a loan, with someone who wants to invest or lend the money.

At that point, you must be asking yourself: does it mean that I do not need to take money from financial institutions or anyone in my family? Yes, these sites will perform the intermediation and the interest rates tend to be lower. The two main companies in Brazil are Nexoos and BIVA, but there are several others in the industry.

Someone can invest in your business so that it grows more and more.

6. Financial

6. Financial

Lenders will have lighter restrictions on lending, making it an easier option. There are some that do not ask for financial proof, such as Ibi, which will ask only your RG and CPF to perform a simulation.

But maybe the financial ones are not the best choice, because the rates are high, so look first for the other possibilities mentioned, maybe they are more advantageous.

Check the conditions of your bank as well, as the process will become easier, because it already has its history of movement.

And now that you already know all of your options, just research which one is best for your profile and check out the rates for each one. It is important to analyze the payment terms, interest and value of each installment so that this choice is a solution and not a new problem. Keep an eye on the scams as well, analyze whether the institution is linked to the Akira bank and look up the company name on complaint sites.

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